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This program is supported by MEXT’s scientific technology human resource development fee grant, "Program to Disseminate Tenure Tracking System".

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Operation System

Organization for Promotion of Tenure-track System was established in April 2011 in order to smoothly continue and settle the tenure-track system within our university.
The Governing Board operates the Organization for Promotion of Tenure-track System, in which we execute the promotion and consolidation of the tenure-track operation system involving the whole university, the discussion and operation of the cross-institutional training program, the settlement of adverse claims regarding the tenure-track screening and so on.
At the adoption of the tenure-track faculty, the university announces the invitation of applications internationally, and a Selection Committee comprised of both internal and external committees makes the selection highly transparent.
A young researcher adopted as a tenure-track faculty engages in his or her research as an independent research promoter receiving the following preferential treatments; allocation of start-up budgets and research space, arrangement of a mentor faculty, reduction of administrative task loads, and so on.
In addition, the tenure-track faculty, who will assume a tenured role in the education of our university in the future, gives research guidance and lectures to undergraduate and graduate students.
Moreover, we organize an external assessment board to make a self-assessment of our university's tenure-track program approach in order to administer the program appropriately, reflecting objective external views from.