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Tatsumi Kenichi

Affiliation Institute of Agriculture
Division Division of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering
Research field Agricultural Information engineering, Agricultural Environmental engineering
Keyword(S) crop yield model, numerical simulation model, climate change
Research experience

・2002-2012: Technical Official, Kyoto University, Japan
・2012-2016: Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
・2016-present:Associate Professor (Tenured), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Educational background

・1999: Bachelor of Engineering, Doshisha University, Japan
・2002: Master of Engineering Kyoto University, Japan
・2012: Doctoral Dissertation, Kyoto University, Japan


(At Dec. 2012)
・1999: Hatakeyama Awards of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

Selected papers and publications

(At Jun. 2016)
・Kenichi Tatsumi, Tsutao Oizumi, and Yosuke Yamashiki : Analysis of future precipitation change in Shikoku region using statistical downscaling, Journal of Agricultural Meteorology, Vol.69(3), pp.159-172, 2013.
・Kenichi Tatsumi, Tsutao Oizumi and Yosuke Yamashiki : Introduction of daily minimum and maximum temperature change signals in the Shikoku region using the statistical downscaling methods by GCMs, Hydrological Research Letters, Vol.7(3), pp.48-53, 2013. doi: 10.3178/hrl.7.48
・Kenichi Tatsumi, Yosuke Yamashiki, Kaoru Takara, Eiichi Nakakita : Reproducibility of Crop Yield Simulated by iGAEZ Model with High-resolution GCM Output, Journal of Agricultural Science and Applications, Vol.2, Issue 2, pp.124-130, 2013.
・Kenichi Tatsumi and Yosuke Yamashiki : Sensitivity analyses of crop yields and changes in climate variables simulated with iGAEZ, Hydroogical Processes, Vol.26, Issue 16, pp. 2482-2500, 2012.
・Kenichi Tatsumi, Yosuke Yamashiki and Kaoru Takara : Effect of uncertainty in temperature and precipitation inputs and spatial resolution on the crop model, Hydrological Research Letters, Vol.5, pp.52-57, 2011.
・Kenichi Tatsumi, Yosuke Yamashiki, Roverto V.DA SILVA, Kaoru Takara, Yuzuru Matsuoka, Kiyoshi Takahashi, Koki Maruyama, Naoko Kawahara : Estimation of potential changes in cereals productions under climate change scenarios, Hydrological Processes, Vol.25, Issue 17, pp.2715-2725, 2011.

Research Description

It is important to clarify the impact of climate change on crop productivity, and that is very important issue from the viewpoint of decision-making. However, crop yield model that can be predicted in a wide region and stably has not realized because of
1) difference of cultivatation technology and terrain environment,
2) Difficulty of taking into account the cultivation technology factors such as diffeerences in breed,
3) Non-linear characteristics of the crop growth and complextiy of the ecosystem,
4) Uncertainties between crop growh and physical and chamical soil properties.

Based on above evaluation, I am developing the global and regional crop model that is used as input data (soil, water, climate, crop characteristics, and field management). Also, daily crop evapotranspiration, biomass and yield can be obtained as daily output value. The yield prediction technique is the important tool for that can be incorporated as a possible use decision support system on the farmers judgement. In the study, I begin the development of a new stable crop yield prediction model through the integration of observation data and crop yield model. In addition, I have a study on the impacts of climate change on crop productivity.

About TUAT's tenure-track program

I think for the start-up funds is sufficiently secured, that to build progresses smoothly the research environment. To take the tenure position, I think there is room for some improvement.

Future aspirations

Because I'm given the research environment, I amd conducting research steadily.At the same time, we believe that to develop further and joint research with researchers and companies in other fields, and if possible even more dramatically. I think while maintaning a balance of research and eduction, and want to make a laboratory lively.