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Introduction of our tenure-track faculties

Watanabe Masahisa

Affiliation Institute of Agriculture
Division Division of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering
Research field Agricultural engineering, Safety engineering, Reliability engineering
Keyword(S) Farm safety, Virtual test drive, Driving simulator, Physics modeling, Statistical modeling
Research experience

・2019 Apr. – 2021 Mar. JSPS Research fellow DC2
・2021 Apr. – 2022 Sep. Hitachi, Ltd., Researcher
・2022 Oct. – present Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Assistant professor.

Educational background

・2016 Mar. B.S., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
・2021 Mar. Ph.D., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


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・2018 Research paper ward for Japanese Society of Agricultural and Food Engineers

Selected papers and publications

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・Masahisa Watanabe, Kenshi Sakai, " Identifying tractor overturning scenarios using a driving simulator with a motion system ", Biosystems Engineering, 2021, Volume 210, pp261-270
・Masahisa Watanabe, Kenshi Sakai, “Novel power hop model for an agricultural tractor with coupling bouncing, stick-slip, and free-play dynamics”, Biosystems Engineering, 2021, Volume 204, pp156-169
・Masahisa Watanabe, Kenshi Sakai, "Numerical analysis of steering instability in an agricultural tractor induced by bouncing and sliding", Biosystems Engineering, 2020, Volume 192, pp108-116
・Masahisa Watanabe, Kenshi Sakai, "Impact dynamics model for a nonlinear bouncing tractor during inclined passage", Biosystems Engineering, 2019, Volume 182, pp84-94

Research Description

Food production have been of great importance due to global climate change and geopolitical risks. On the other hand, agricultural population have been decreasing and aging though agriculture should play a major role for food production in Japan. As well as population decrease and aging, fatal farm accident is also a serious issue in Japanese agriculture. In agriculture, fatality rate is greater than other industries, such as constructions and manufacturers. The reduction of fatal farm accidents is essential to achieve sustainable and safety food production. More than half of fatal farm accidents have been caused by farm machinery. Thus, it is necessary to keep safe during machinery operation.
I have worked on prevention of tractor overturning accident and clarifying accident mechanism. I have conducted physics modeling and numerical simulations based on nonlinear dynamics and clarified operational conditions in which tractor overturning would occur. Based on the abovementioned research, I have developed driving simulator system for farmer safety educations. I also worked at Hitachi research laboratory as a research scientist and conducted research related machinery reliability and data science.
I will conduct research based on physics modeling and statistical modeling to improve farm machinery safety and reliability.

About TUAT's tenure-track program

Tenure track system at TUAT provides startup fund and laboratory and make principal investigate can conduct research efficiently.

Future aspirations

I have worked on interdisciplinary field between agriculture and engineering. I would like to enjoy research with various researchers and engineering in various fields.